The Measure of my Love

Published on Wedding Chicks

This incredible shoot was put together to honor a group of 15 women in Kigali, Rwanda. These women belong to the Umucyo Sewing Cooperative where they sew bags, purses, and other items each and every day and it is from this work that they have food on the table, a roof over their heads, and their children can get an education. I wanted to take this love and joy that these women give to their children and translate it into a wedding inspired shoot.


Design & Planning: Roses and Lace
Decorations: Roses and Lace
Flowers: Poppy and Mint Floral Company-
Cake: Roses and Lace
Gown: Blush Formal and Bridal Salon-
Paper Goods: Brown Fox Calligraphy-
Ironing Board/Spool Table: Antiques at the Crossroads-
Models: Darby Jarratt and Matthew Finck
Hair/Make-up: Demi Letchworth
Suspenders: Carolina Moon Designs